Yes, yes ,yes it did it again. I don’t believe anyone is ever surprised anymore about this fact. The PS4, on pace to being the best selling system of all time beat the Xbox one on their own home turf yet again. You kinda loose track of the months won by Sony vs xbox one. In fact I don’t think you need another hand to count the months xbox one has beaten Ps4 in the U.S .The domination is purely sick when you think about it on a grand scale. Not only did ps4 dominate hardware but software as well. This is the key to everything because if the players aren’t buying games what’s the point. Sony deserves all the credit in the world. Microsoft will of course come up with a spin about the month of February which I don’t think highly of, especially when you refuse to give numbers. I say just be up front about things. I mean you already confirmed you are going to abandon your system in favor of a newer more powerful one before the it’s matures anyway so what harm could it do. This generation has turned into ps4 only nation of gamers. I wish it had been more competitive. I really think things could have been better for all gamers if both companies were neck and neck in sales.