To continue our “House of Playstation” xbox one purging. We bring home yet another item gotten with the trade in of the xbox one. 2016 is going to be a busy year for me and gaming on ps4 alone. I sometimes am thankful that both Microsoft and Ps4 didn’t kill in games this year. I can’t afford games for both. I’ve listed 15 games on my radar just for ps4 for 2016. That’s the amount I had for both consoles last year. So you do the math.


I will say it had made things simpler when you have one system. I still rather it had been the Xbox one that outshined the Ps4 for competition concerns and didn’t plan on bringing yet another console out. But if I can’t have that then I have to go with who has the best games for me and ps4 is killing this department for 2016.