Yet another massive game for the ps4, Paragon! I am so excited about this time of year. This game adds to an already perfect month for the ps4 and for Gaming. Paragon is the title that I felt hurt the most as a previous owner of xbox one. I remember hearing about this being for ps4 and pc ONLY. I remember how sick I felt that it wasn’t coming for my system because unlike Smite I had Heroes instead of false gods to play with. This was my biggest hurdle when playing Smite. I hate anything having to do with false deities, playful or otherwise. So when the videos hit I knew I found something that I can play similar to Smite but without the guilt of playing as a false god. Keep in mind I’m not judging you if you like it or have no problem in it, that’s you and I’m me. Bottom line ps4 will be used so much this month. This kinda of line up will no doubt keep me focused on ps4 even if Microsoft does launch a new system this year. Why? Because I follow the games, not the hardware. Faithfully this game will be all that and then some. Can’t wait to see who I’m going to use. Founders pack purchased!