Microsoft has said it will be open to allow playstation to join against Xbox one for online battling. Now there are many ways you can take this. On the surface it looks like Phil is being the nice guy that he has always been. I, for one have been a big supporter of his. However, I can’t seem to shake this feeling that this announcement only makes me feel like we are moving further away from the Identity of the xbox gamer. Just weeks ago he announced that he would open up the Azure network to playstation if they wanted access to the cloud powering that was said to be only a exclusive benefit for the Xbox players. Now they are fully inviting playstation into the gaming network with cross console play. Again, I do see the revolutionary thought behind this. Basically it’s another step towards ending console wars and trying to unify gaming as just that. However, sometimes I think you can be too nice of a person in your actions that the world rejects you. Not in anyway comparing the two people, but remember Christ? If Phil is truly doing this to unify gaming period and blur the lines that force gamers to be against others then I’m all for this but something is telling me in my guts that this will not sit well with investors and or gamers even though it benefits them in ways. If this is not universally accepted, all this will do is further destroy the mindshare and respect people have for Xbox one and Microsoft’s vision. It will look more like a waving of a white flag and a sign to gamers to get out, and get out fast. The pattern I see is major changes and constant changes to protocols and directions of the company every other month by Xbox and Microsoft while their competitors remain very low key and still moving more equipment and selling more games in the process. Playstation has had to make very little changes to anything they have stood for or planned to do that they have announced. They have stayed consistently on the road of simply gaming with the occasional media additions here and there. They have the strongest and most secure road map and plan to success that it’s like it’s on auto pilot. I think Microsoft’s willingness to change things and modify directions can be both a blessing and a curse. So far it’s looking like it’s the latter more than the other. In other words when something isn’t stable at the foundation, sometimes added and modifying things may start off looking like it can fix the issue but slowly it requires more and more until that foundation starts to prove it will never hold what you have built. Now, you no longer have a safe way to take down things anymore so you just keep adding until you just have to destroy it all and start over because it’s no longer safe . This is what all this is starting to look like. When all this is over all these issues could cost Phil his job and Microsoft billions. I hope I’m wrong but time will tell.