Days ago the head of Sony Yoshida said that there was no new system that exist. Well according the Kotaku Sony is working on a 4k upgraded graphics system with more power. Depending on this answer they give this could end my relationship with console gaming period. I guess I’m going to be a PC player. I refuse to invest in a company that abandons my investment in time and my hard earned money. Now if they want to give me a 5 year window or more I’m fine with it. My investment is worth it in that case. But if you are going to bring a newer and truly more powerful console out after 2-3 years on the market then it’s not worth giving you any money moving forward. You leave me behind I leave you behind. This is what made console gaming better for me than PC. I think this has a lot to do with the 4k Nintendo system and Microosft announcing this too. If I’m totally honest I believe the whole industry planned this out. I think Sony and Microosft work under a trade law or license that keeps them from going over and above certain things to keep the makert at a curtain standard. It’s too coincidental that both consoles come out with the exact hard drive size and same gigs of Ram all while using the same manufacturer for the graphic card and not know what the other is doing. But I’ll wait and react to this once Sony confirms this like Microosft did. If they do, I think my attention will turn to PC and will trade in my ps4 and games like I did for my Xbox one. I’m sick of this stuff. Every time things are flowing right something has to happen to stop good things. Frankly it’s hard for me to believe this because of all that Sony is trying to do with VR and all the games. It’s also suicide in my opinion. Why the heck would you mess around with the ps4 momentum and take a chance at destroying that and the fan’s trust in you?