I don’t know about others out there but Paragon is a very exciting game and well needed addition to Moba’s games for consoles. The ps4 console exclusive of this game is yet another nail in Microsoft’s coffin. Games is where my attention always pulls to. To think about all these games coming for the ps4, 3rd party and first, I just don’t have time to play another console. In the past I counted on my game exclusives for xbox one owners balance out my play of both consoles. But unfortunately they put all they had into one year and failed to win ground, even lost more ground. Now ps4 is ready with full ammoed big guns and the lead and this will bury Microosft. Microosft I think sees this and is preparing that next console hoping to win from behind. I don’t think this will work but stranger things have happened. If I was them I would do exactly what they are doing too because there’s  really no other choice but to flat out sell the console off or quit. Ultimately, I think this will be the last official act of the xbox division. Once they put out the second system with higher power in hopes of winning back gamers, the ps4 will still have the games,respect, numbers, and mindshare of the fans and Microosft will loose again. This will end up either costing Phil Spencer his job or the Xbox divison it’s existence. Take it from a xbox one fan, even as we write this, if you are on the fence about the console to keep or buy, the Xbox one should be last on your list. Too many things are in doubt and too many things are stacked against the Xbox division to the point that it seems like fate for it to die or fail this generation. The ps4 on the other hand seems destined to be the “be all” for console gaming just like I predicted. So if you want a console gaming machine there is no other better.