The more I think about this, the more it makes me mad. I really hope this rumor is false. I would love nothing more for Sony to come out and make it clear that they aren’t going to split the market. They are going to be faithful to its gamers who have invested in them for at least 5 years or so. I understand the concern about being left behind but this I think is over thought. Microsoft is behind because they are not wanted. It doesn’t matter what game comes out or how it looks. The world has chosen playstation. If Microsoft came out with a 4k system it would only fail just like the X1 would. I think personally this is a great chance for Sony to once again come out with a stance that bleeds over to all the market. Sony’s quote should be…

“We believe in investing in our gamers like they have done with us, not leaving them behind asking them to buy yet another system 2 or 3 years inside of their investment.”

How great would that be to hear those words from Sony or anybody you have trusted with you money and time? I’m just saying, just saying..