Well playstation has something to cheer about for sure. The reports are starting to come in that those people who have actually seen the game played in person have deemed this game the highest and best graphics ever witnessed in the history of gaming. That’s PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo gaming for clarity. Games and performance like this leaves me shaking my head in question why playstation would ever consider another gaming console this early in the life of the this console if those reports are true. They are leading, they dominating, they have the loyalty, the following, the backing and if they do bring out another system all of this will be in question. Look this game isn’t 4k and yet all the games out that have 4k ability still fall behind this game’s graphics. So what’s the point? It’s not worth it especially knowing the cost of equipment that can do 4k. I can see if the graphics truly reached levels that could not be defeated by 1080p graphics. But this game alone reaches levels no other 4k game has ever reached. To top it off this is only the 2nd year in the life of the console. Can you imagine the 4th year? But if they abandon us by putting out yet another system we won’t get that chance.