The last couple of days have been truly earth shaking with all the possible changes of both Microsoft and Sony. While we have the official word of Phil Spencer on their intentions we don’t have Sony’s yet. I for one have been very concerned about this. I really don’t like the idea of Sony putting out yet another more powerful gaming system. I think it is that “one” crazy thing they can do to truly hurt all they have done positive. Poles were taken showing that players aren’t interested in buying yet another console this soon, even if it’s 4k. Then I started added up data. There is really no way possible Sony can afford to put out yet another more powerful system out this fast and without proper R&D. Mark Cerny has not been working on anything new and even if he is its not very thought out. According to rumors they just started bringing up things to people at GDC. Don’t you remember how many years it took them to design the ps4? It took so many years of R&D first and more years with creating the systems look. Now…we are to believe that Sony has come up with and tested a new casing , processor, memory and vidoe card setup (because this is what it would take to do 4k gaming if you don’t know this) for a newer more powerful playstation while they still struggle to make profit and almost went under with development of the PS4. Not likely people. What this could be about is them trying to get prepared for 4k movies instead. This is something they could do because this would not require anything new to the system outside of a new drive, externally or internally. This way gamers aren’t effected negatively by this add on or new system and its ultimately their choice. You also don’t spilt the market of gaming or create a environment where manufactures have to make so many different versions of the same game that they become very unwilling to support all properly. Most importantly you don’t make the most stupidest mistake in gaming history next to Microsoft’s DRM announcement and alienate the gamers that have supported you from day one. Has this been announced by Sony? No but again I can’t see this working out any other way.  Personally I don’t care about 4k and think it a gimmick just like 3D was. So I wouldn’t dare bother with buying one forcing myself also to buy a 4k monitor or TV. It’s just not worth it. But to each, their own.