According to reports more confirmation from developers that this is indeed the direction of Sony. No longer are people in question to if but to what extent. In other words is the ps4k going to merely do 4k movies? Will it do 4k movies and over clock the process power to help overall gaming development go further? Or will it contain both the ability to play movies in 4k and upgrade game graphics to 4k? Now, I again feel that if you can’t stand by me why should I help you do me wrong or abandon me. I got rid of my xbox one after they confirmed this very thing and basically had zero games for me to play. Now we are one step away from confirming this for the ps4 so what is next for me then? Well if they abandon me with a system that is graphically superior in games I think I might be headed to a PC. But then I thought to myself..why? Let’s look at this for a minute. I am not speaking for you but for myself I can honestly say that even if I never owned a console I wouldn’t buy a 4k PC or Console. First off you need to be able to afford more than a console or PC that can handle a 4k resolutions. Second you have to have the multi media to be put into 4k. That same media that you spent the last 10 years collecting and converting to blu ray from DVD otherwise you wasting 50% of the reason 4k was made. I’m not doing this again. So that kills movies purpose for 4k for logical minded people. Then for gaming I must go out and buy yet another TV when I and others don’t play on TVs anymore. I can’t see ever going back to TVs now that I have experience and played on monitors. In fact I wouldn’t have ever purchased my last TV if I knew what monitors looked like over Tvs. If you buy a high end gaming monitor (not some generic monitor in the store)and play console or pc games on them you will not want to go back to tv gaming. So this would be a waste for me to pick up a 4k system without a source that I willing to play them on. So then what about 4k monitor gaming then? Well they cost about $800-$900 dollars and once you add that price on top of the expected console you are looking at almost $2000 if not more. If this is not enough….here is the BIGGEST most KEPT secret SONY nor MICROSOFT is telling gamers about the World of 4K.

4K IS LIMITED AT 30FPS THROUGH ANY AND ALL HDMI PORT( no opinion, it’s fact..they are too slow of port to transfer the data at 60fps).

That’s right folks and fellow gamers. All this talk about the need for the consoles to hit that 1080p 60fps is not ever going to be solved by consoles EVER this way. As you know TVs only have HDmi ports and consoles only have these ports. So you would have to fix this issue on TVs manufacturers and have a console that has a a different source higher than HDmi to get that sweet spot that all assume this new system will do but they won’t. It doesn’t matter how powerful the console is. If it’s using HDmi which it will have to being that this is a console, then you won’t solve crap, you’ll actually worse off. In fact most will tell you that 1080p 60fps is still better than 4k at 30fps. Guys all this stuff is going to do is confuse the average person and piss off the one that are trusting and assuming.