Well time has finally come to update my ps4 hard drive. You can find them online or at Best buy. They come in 500-2tb sizes normally. Based on your needs you can go with the size that best describes you. I personally went with a 2tb size hard drive. After carefully installing it the software that you need from the latest firmware to activate the hard drive is where the problem is. Why? Because Sony’s site isn’t very good in laying out which file is needed clearly. At first glance you download the latest software on the page and look over the fact that this file isn’t the correct one because there are two. One specific for the new hard drive purchaser and another for a currently owned ps4 who just needs the latest and can’t do it on the ps4. If you download that the hard drive won’t work. Then if there more than one file in the CPU after failing the first time the 2nd file will be stored with a different a added character(1) or another number representing the first failed attempts and then it won’t work. If all goes perfect though the system will take the download and you have much more room where you can start to download all you stuff back from Playstation’s cloud. Make sure you don’t over tighten those screw too upon installing the new hard drive.¬†Basically I think Sony should put the firmware page in two clear segments on the page. One sided for upgrading your hard drive and then a page for firmware downloads for those who aren’t upgrading their hard drive. Do this have this info labeled on the site, yes but it’s not as clear as it should be. Make sure you have a USB stick with at least 1gb free on it and it’s a fat32 formatted. Over all the process can be fairly easy of you have the right software downloaded on the USB.