Well more talk in the works about the ps4k. More and more people believe it to be real and even Wall Street have jumped in the act declaring announcement as early as E3. They not only believe it’s real but it’s a gaming 4k machine not just a movie watching 4k machine made. To that I say I highly doubt. As I have explained before, not only is there no TV out right not that has this ability to play games any higher than 30fps at 4k but Sony has done no R&D on this. This type of tech will require a huge case and lots of power that will require all things to be different from memory to cpu and graphics card. Folks this isn’t accomplished overnight nor is at a affordable price point. Something Sony has learned hard lessons on. But then again, maybe this is it. Everyone keeps waiting on Sony to blow this perfect following and this could be it. Greed could kill them if they truly do try this. Not only will it not work the way people think but you will split the market unnecessarily costing yourself what little profits you have gained after years of billion dollars losses. I personally see others with this same opinion. PS4 fans don’t want yet another system. I mean when I see a game being shown off that is exclusive to the ps4 I don’t want to wonder if what they are showing me is the game graphics for my ps4 or the ps4k. On top of everything else, look at the lineup they have coming out and the graphics. This console doesn’t need this. The games are amazing looking that are due to come out in the next two years. They don’t lack anything and aren’t falling behind in graphics on consoles. So why blow this? Some will say if I don’t like it don’t buy it and stay with what I have. I agree if this isn’t going to effect me but we know what will happen. The games released will be only worked on only so hard because they would choose to develope on the one that has the most power. I just think the greatness that could come buy allowing this generation to grow like normally will far benefit gamers and the market.