Overwatch is a beautiful, fun shooter. I have watched this played so much on twitch and absolutely love it. It was one of those games that made me want to buy a PC and play.  But then word hit that it was going to come out for the consoles. But hey, we are talking about consoles here not pc. So I already thought that this might not be a good transfer. The main concern was the smoothness that this game is and requires to be. The 60fps was absolutely a must to have . I knew this while looking at the pc players play this game. I had hopes for the Xbox one version but knew that if there was going to be one console that was in question it was going to be the Xbox one. I also knew that if it’s possible the ps4 would hit the needed fps if any console could do it. Well today we got the confirmation and video showing off the perfect 1080p 60fps that this game is being played on the ps4. Word out is that indeed the Xbox one would only be 30fps(I still hope this isn’t the case) and I can safely say that this just won’t do for this type of game. Personally I feel that if they can’t make it work for the Xbox one I don’t understand bringing out for that console at all. Again I hope this isn’t true and both consoles gets equal specs. But if this is true it just further puts xbox one further out of the picture for gaming sadly. As a gamer I don’t personally care at the end of the day as long as I get my games on the best forma for them to shine the best. For me my games plus any format equals happy gamer. And for me the ps4 has taken over almost completely in that department.