I’m sorry here but I can’t seem to understand some people’s view on what looks good over another. I know it’s an opinion and all but sometimes I fail to see the possibility in some views. Above is a screen shot from video of Overwatch being played on the pc vs ps4. This shot represents everything I saw throughout the video. At first I thought the ps4 was on the right and was beginning to get disappointed with the washed out look. But nope, this is the exact opposite. Look at the image above. I see the the left image much richer(and it carried through the video in every scene) with better black levels than the pc. The one to the right has this fog haze over it. But don’t get me wrong, there are many that felt that the Pc version with the washed out imagery was clearly the best. For me, for the life of me, I can’t understand why people like washed out images. Greyed blacks instead of blacks. Even the blue’s are richer. Basically this game for me, is going to be absolutely great for the ps4 and I can’t wait.