Please, please, please people, can we just stop the dreaming! Look at this video for crying out loud. This guy needs a liquid system build into a tower with two graphic cards that run about $500 a piece just for the graphics cards. Then, even after all that the game still ran liked crap in fps. He claimed he got 55fps but this was not what I saw. I saw horrible frame rates for the sake of pretty colors. There is no way Sony can do better than this much less mimic this, and more importantly, not for $400 bucks. The amount of proper research needed for 4k gaming inside a little box like the ps4 is accustomed to having and selling just isn’t possible in the one year time they are said to have been looking at this. The whole complete system will have to be redone for 4k gaming. Bottom line I think Sony will focus on the 4k movie side if anything because gaming is impossible for consoles right now.