Look, I love this man. I truly do. Most of you know that I’m a big supporter of this man and thinks that he is the best thing that ever happened to gaming. However recently he proved to be questionable yet again. I let go of my xbox one because this man confirmed that he was going for another system for a mid life span expansion in the Xbox one that would be better than the first. I felt there was little left for gaming on that platform and with the lack of exclusives titles worth playing for the next 2 years it was time to let it go. However, recently he has changed his mind. Now he states he isn’t for a mid-level expansion for the Xbox one. He states he for a complete change and new system later not now. So this midlife console change isn’t happening. Sounds like he is seeing that Sony and them are getting negative commits against this whole mid system abandonment and now wants to take a different stance. Well personally I understand if they want to make another system being that the X1 is done. But I do hope he doesn’t think his new stance makes ups for him announcing the exact opposite. So if this isn’t clear, the announcement now change doesn’t make me want another X1 because it’s dead. Even the Quantum Break hope didn’t sell consoles like Microosft hoped for the reason why they padded the sales with the pc free copy. Let them tell it they will count the free version of the game separate with the sales of the console version. So every one game counts twice to boost the numbers. Again, this does no justice to the system as hardware sales is what they need. Do I think Microsoft could have a better system Next gen? Yes I do. In fact I am hoping for it but when all is settled the games are what I buy and support consoles for and Sony seems to have this locked down. When the smokes dies out I will never support a brand over games. I don’t care what brand gives me the best versions of games that I like. I just want them and where they are found the most.