Since before the consoles came out I have always said and known that this generation was going to belong to Ps4 and Sony. They had everything going for themselves, amazing hype and mind share to back it. There wasn’t anything that Microsoft could do to stop this. No amount exclusive tiles or price cuts could derail what sony had on pace with its ps4. In fact there isn’t anything anyone can do about this train but Sony themsevles. I said it would take a incredibly dumb suicidal decision from Sony to mess up things. Well if rumors are true about their new system being more graphically powerful than the ps4 this is the that incredibly stupid and dumb thing I was talking about. I can’t see this company being that stupid to risk pissing off 40 million loyal fans but stranger things have happened. What seems right and logical doesn’t equal that for all people. Someone in their organization needs to step up and say something fast if this is indeed their plans. Personally, I don’t see it possible being that the amount of expenses it would take to build yet another system would be so high on the overhead and the amount of time needed for proper research isn’t something presently known to have been done or accomplished. Also, can you imagine the cost to the consumer or the price Sony would have to eat to sell it at a good price. It doesn’t seem very smart at all. What’s worse is that fans of ps4 have to wait around because they refuse to give a statement with any insight on what we can expect.