“And this is where things become slightly strange – because while more GPU power is being offered to developers, realistically it is nowhere near enough to provide native 4K gaming at the same quality level as current 1080p titles. The full extent of the spec is a current focus of enquiry for us, but realistically, it is simply impossible to cram the equivalent of today’s top-end PC graphics hardware into a console-sized, mass-market box,” the post continues


This is what came of the digital foundry research on the rumored Ps4k. So guys unless Sony is planning a Doctor Who type of box there is no way possible the hardware needed to produce real 4k can ever fit inside a console with today’s hardware. But I have a feeling that Sony will sale it like this or at the least most will really believe they are getting this because the box will have 4k on it. I don’t know about you but if all this is true it sounds like Sony is back up to their Old tricks.