Have you guys been paying attention to all the talks about the ps4k? If not, then presence of a common sentence is being wrote a lot.

They are claiming that the reason ps4k is needed is to give the needed horse power to operate the Ps Vr.

Well if it’s needed for the proper operation of the VR why hasn’t Sony been up front to begin with. Now, what you’re  telling me is that the ps4, that system that 40 million people bought, won’t be strong enough to properly operate this $400-$500 headset that you wanted everyone to buy that has a sum of zero real AAA games on launch. This is jacked up guys!Think for a second! Playstation, not once told us that our ps4 wouldn’t have the proper horse power while they promised us what we were going to get and while they demoed the VR and games on supposed ps4. This is false advertising yet again buy Sony. But nobody will call Sony out on this if this stuff is true. Nope, all the whole world will do is buy into deflections and smoke screens. I know this because nobody have reported this jacked up fact although they have report the same facts about the ps4k being needed for extra horse power needed for the VR. When were you going to tell those people who pre-ordered your Vr that their ps4 they have was going to to worth crap in using it. Now instead of the $500 for a Vr you need to go buy a 4k TV that supports more than 29fps from HDmi that doesn’t exist, go buy more cables that are fast enough, buy a internet subsciption that supports streaming in 4k speeds and yet another ps4 that is 4k ready. Are you freaking kidding me??? I don’t think many people see this or have even bothered to look into this. Vr will not survive and is yet another gimmick product that true gamers will not stay true to because most people just want to sit down and play a game. Most people don’t want to deal with the headache of all the wires, all the time and energy in Vr gaming, and most importantly don’t have time to throw up and deal with headaches and dizziness just to play a game. Yes this will happen to you too because most people play games longer than the 20-30 minutes limit they suggest you can play before normal people feeling sick. Umm, I choose life, not sickness and wasted money based on lies if this all turns out to be true.