I find this stuff so amusing at times. All this hype for a product that has almost zero direction towards the core gamers. The world is trying really hard to push VR. They need you to believe that this is what gaming is when it’s not. All the games mentioned with the exclusion of MAYBE Eve Valkerie as nothing more than tech games and Wii imitation games. I can’t believe that the core gamers will find this appealing. We want COD, NBA 2k, Witcher 3, God of war, Gears of war, etc,etc. If I wanted to play Wii bowling and the Mouse & Cat cheese hunt game(that’s right the ps4 vr is getting a cheese hunt game for Vr) why wouldn’t I just stick with the Wii and Wii u. And of course, don’t forget about the fact that  you will get the almighty shark sea demo to wow you for all of 5 minutes. I mean, come on people! You can’t tell me that you guys are falling for this crap. You are going to spend up to close, if not more than $500 at minimum for a basic set up on what is said as the your current ps4. But according to the reports it’s not strong enough to run Vr games correctly so you must go out and re-buy yet another playstation, the ps4k, to get proper power to run Vr and God only knows the price of that machine. So then, once all that is done you’re  going to have to buy these wonderful titles because you have to have something to play on your overpriced set up. So what do you end up with? Game demos labeled PS VR games. So when the smoke clears you can clearly say that you own a brand new ps4 Vr Wii clone. Congrats! Sony is creating a system made for Wii like fans but requesting hard-core fan’s money. It’s a failure on both fronts and its a gimmick but the media is paid to keep those thoughts away from the public. Core fans won’t get the AAA games to pull them and the Wii like players won’t pay the price they are asking just want to play their simpleton games. Most importantly the complex transfer and manipulation of the gpu and cpu data back and  forth from the box to the ps4 to me screams nightmare, but hey maybe that’s just me( check the video below yourself for this amazingly complex disaster info that awaits).
Come on Sony, does it play at 120hz natively or not? I mean this is how you are selling it and claiming it to be but I can’t tell based on this info. Sometimes it will be 60hz, then 90hz, and then maybe 120hz.