Ignorance is bliss I guess. You guys remember when you played games like double dribble? You remember how great the graphics were to you? All of it, if you went back to see it now would make you cry at the bad graphics. You always find yourself wondering to yourself just how on earth you thought those graphics were good.  You never remember them being as bad as they look now. We’ll this is the kind of moment I had when I tried to leave my Gaming Monitor set to return back to a TV. I can see the missing frames and blurriness (because all tvs claiming to be 120hz are lying and uses software to simulate missing frames that tv produce). It’s not something you would see if all you played on was tvs but if you ever went to a actual Gaming Monitor and played a while on it you wouldn’t like what you returned to when you returned back through tv. Another was the lang you feel between the TV vs Monitor responds while using your controller to move or press buttons. No TV out there can beat a good Gaming Monitor in this, it’s just facts people. I guess I wanted to see for myself that what I saw when I first switched still existed and to what level. And boy do it still exist. This is especially valuable information when so many people push and believe that 4k TVS represents the top experience in gaming.