I’m all for Microsoft coming on and making something of the xbox one as far as numbers go but I’m afraid for them there is no such thing as a system seller for them this whole gen. Gears of War looks amazing and all.. don’t get me wrong. Will the core xbox one owner break down doors to get their hands on it? Absolutely! But for those thinking that it will be system seller, you’re fooling yourself. Here’s why! You remember games like  Halo,Tomb Raider and Forza? You should. They were the absolute only games exclusively launched during the Christmas window period that was said to dominate the Playstation who had nothing exclusive released during that same time. While remembering this there was a little detailed fact that came with it. All three of these games sold in the millions but did absolutely nothing for the console race. In fact every month xbox one lost NPD numbers despite their launches. It was then that proved without a shadow of doubt that the Xbox one would never be competitive in hardware sales compared to ps4. So believe me if Halo 5, Forza, and Tomb raider couldn’t sell systems Gears of War 4 most definitely won’t either. Now I’m not saying that people won’t buy the Xbox one console(they still sell). But when one talks about a system seller you mean one game that absolutely turns consoles sales from one direction to the opposite because of nothing more than the release of a particular game nowhere else found. I hope I’m wrong though but based on the evidence I almost guarantee that I’m not. Gears of war was never bigger than Halo or Forza so I’m not sure why people think this one game can do what two bigger franchises couldn’t do combined. But hey, its nice to dream right?