Splitting the market is what will happen, no doubt. Why? Sony is creating a system that the developers must make a standard and a Neo version of the game right? The Neo version of the games will be higher specs which will make better graphics and faster fps. OK, so tell me how is it going to be fair playing a shooter with someone that has a 60fps Neo version ps4 vs a standard version ps4 who is at 30fps? How is creating fair game play? It doesn’t. Then you are going get issues with one game shipping and being on shelves while the same game for the same system for the Neo version being sold out. Parents already have enough to understand for Christmas shopping as it is. Now you expect them to find the ps4 not the ps3 game and then on top of that look for the ps4 Neo version of that game! It’s just too much. I fell sorry for the developers who based on the reports are going to be forced to create twice for the ps4, once for the ps3, and once for the Xbox one. All with different resolutions, budgets, and fps. It’s ugly folks.