I didn’t think things could be any worse for console until today. Microsoft’s Xbox one is absolutely doing horrible. They can’t make money and they can’t sell. In fact instead of the 20 million sold number most thought Microosft was at, they aren’t even at 19 million yet. Man I can’t believe how bad this system has sold. The system is really a good system and for the life of me I can’t understand the lack of support overall. For me it was about the lack of games, it was never about the system and this happened only this year. Prior, they were the Kings of games for me. Yes, games are kings for me so without them.. there was no reason for the system. However, this mornings news about the financial lose the Xbox division has faced and the lack of sales of the Xbox one was shocking. I mean, most people thought that Microsoft was at least at 20 million. All knew the ps4 was crushing them but respectively the Microosft camp could still say they were doing well with 20 million prior to today. Now, they can barely justify continuing console gaming with the investors. Most believe this will soon have dire consequences. I am truly sad today even though I don’t have a xbox one anymore. This onto of Sony screwing their fans it just doesn’t look good anymore for consoles. This could be the first clear cut proof that consoles could end up dying right after so much promise in its health.