Today I got my new Fountain Pen from The Goulet Pen company. They have awesome service and fast delivery. They even give you a sucker inside the box as their little add on theme they do with all orders. The pen I got from them is the Jinhao x750. It’s a fountain pen then comes with a converter for the ink refills and it was only 10 bucks. Now, I know you guys are use to me and gadgets but this was near and dear to my heart. For as long as I can remember I loved writing with fountain pens. When I was a child I would always get into my mother’s set and waste ink everywhere. The older calligraphy set of hers had a pen with several different colors of ink and I had to use all of them. The pen however, would always leak out because I guess they weren’t built very well back then. Nowadays they are and have come a long way as far as craftsmanship. So years later I find myself drawn back to them and I believe I could not have chosen a better company to order from. The are very personable as they even take to time to write to you personally to thank you(not some pre-written script but actually a really person writing you to thank you). If you interested in Fountain pens or any other type of pen I would highly, highly recommend them. Thank you Goulet company for making my childhood memory’s a reality again.