Ps4k or Neo is coming. We almost for sure know this. When is another matter I’m afraid. We have all heard the arguments on both sides of the coin. And as legitimate as they may seem I ask the very simple question that playstation has failed to ask the gamers that have invested millions. Were you happy with the ps4? This is a legitimate question and a very simple question. I don’t feel enough thought, if any, was put into it. I can tell you without a thought that this year’s gaming has truly made me happy beyond anything I could have hoped for. There isn’t anything I have played this year that makes me feel that the ps4 is getting old or has reached all its potential. I’m willing of bet you feel the same if you play ps4 as well. Before there was ever a mention of 4k ps4s or Neo, ps4 was the be all in gaming. It didn’t matter how many pc gamers showed up on forums for consoles to try and hate. The ps4 players didn’t care. We were unified under one purpose, gaming and unified by one plateform ps4. 40 million strong worldwide we were. So I fail to see the purpose of a early release of yet another console. My hopes is that this console won’t be out until next year fall or later. At least for goodness sake give fans 4 years before you drive a wedge between us all. How would this be done some might say. Well, we are talking about Playstation fans right? What they got on the xbox one for lacking in they will suddenly create a 4k side that puts down those who only have a regular ps4 for their lake as well. Then basically you are going to get console wars within the same brand, just like it was for Xbox one vs ps4. Don’t believe me, just watch. Watch how quick forums start to splitter from those who own a ps4 vs those who own a Neo. You really don’t have to wait because you already have this starting now which supporters of Neo in forms supporting it vs those who think playstation is stabbing them in the back. This is how it will splitter off once the system does come out. All thanks to Sony’s greed in my opinion. In the end all could have been avoided if someone thought to ask the simplest question; are you happy with the ps4?