4k, the might 4k resolution. The key word in all pc gaming and console gaming, says the industry. Everything is going 4k they claim. You need buy yet another system to have the correct graphics to keep up or you will be left behind, they say. What they aren’t telling you is that 4k really isn’t ready to be the top of graphics. In fact we already have 5k displays. So once you have a 4k system and investment you will have to turn right back around and spend some more money on the 5k system as the standard. Another thing they aren’t telling most people is that the 4k resolution monitors for gaming aren’t really needed. In fact you can do better with just a ultrawide monitor. It will make more of a difference than a 4k monitor.

As you can see in this video the ultra-wide Monitor is clear and away the better of the two monitors. But again, they don’t need you to buy backwards. They need you to invest moving forward regardless of the fact that it doesn’t really make as much difference over a good 1080p or 1440p monitors. You saw it for yourself. The only difference in that game played on both was that one had more screen graphics which gave it the advantage. Nothing about the 4k display was superior to the ultra wide in my opinion. So instead of pushing for 4k it seems the better thing to do is buy ultra-wide and push for that resolution instead.