Ps4 may indeed rule this generation in numbers and exclusive games but I wouldn’t count on that advantage lasting next generation. If rumors are true the Scorpio system Microsoft is working on will far surpass the ps4k neo. A bunch of console fanboys hate that thought. Why? Because Microsoft has a history of correcting things they lacked in previous generation. Microsoft has the money and the leader to pretty much guarantee that their next system will have far and away the power to stand on top of the consoles generation. Where Sony needs to worry is that they timing of their console is said to be this year. With that release you hurt the fans you have and you isolate the ones that decide not the upgrade because this new system is coming way to early. However, with Microsoft they have a system that has failed and they desperately need to make up things to fans. With their release said to be next year this also adds more time to early buyers with the current xbox one so that they don’t feel abandoned too quickly.  But for Sony coming out this year is a huge mistake because their system isn’t a full next gen console release. It’s going to be marginally better and said to only play 4k movies with up-converted graphics. This means Sony won’t have the time and money to answer back at Microsoft for their release of Scorpio. So this will give them a good amount of time on the market with the highest powered system. And lastly rumors are that microosft plans on the next system being upgradable so this could eliminate lack of power for years to come. Bottom line E3 is going to be amazing, can’t wait.