Meet my new toy and torch, the P12gt by Nitecore. This is my latest upgraded flashlight. The specs on this bad baby is 1000 lumens with a whopping 320 meters distance and 25,700 beam intensity. This is by far and away the best yet. I have held back on ordering a bigger light with more distance for over a year. I’ve settled on smaller lights for a while and decided to finally quit delaying and order what I wanted. It also is great for tactical situations and defense. It’s water proof and shock proof with a 5 year warranty. The feel in your hands is great and the weight is pretty awesome too. I personally couldn’t say one thing that was done wrong on this light. The only thing left to add is a dedicated strobe switch. Once they do this with this distance or greater and 1000+ lumens I can’t see one thing left to do with a flashlight. I looked for this but didn’t find it with these stats. They do have others who have a dedicated strobe switch but it didn’t have 1000 lumens and nor a 320 beam distance. So for me this is the best torch on the market.