Well if rumors are true, looks like Microsoft is added a feature that will mean more to its fans who aren’t blinded to the fact that the ps4 has a marginally advantage that people build up in their head to mean more than it does. HDR with a 4k video system is set to launch. So Microosft basically decided to add 4k to videos and instead of changing the architect to try and force 4k video games(which will only run 30fps on average) they decided to take care of its fans by putting in high dynamic range to make people who have a 1080p tv more happier than they would if they bought a 4k TV and played 4k gaming on it.

If you put two TVs side by side, and one has a better contrast ratio and more accurate color, and the other just has higher resolution (more pixels), the one with greater contrast ratio will be picked by pretty much every viewer. It will look more natural, “pop” more, and just seem more “real,” despite having lower resolution. In other words, a 1080p resolution TV with excellent contrast and color beats a 4K resolution TV with average contrast and color every time.

So according to reports, as I have hinted to before, 4k is over rated and there are other ways to produce prettier graphics and or the same without the need to go and pick up yet another TV. But the world doesn’t want many people knowing this. They need you to feel you need yet another TV of the 5 you already have. So the conference is coming soon and we will have to wait on confirmation on this. But it does seem like a move made by Microosft for people that think for themselves. I can’t speak for others but for me I don’t care about numbers. I care about what I see on the screen.