The new hardware sports a better GPU that can handle 4K resolution gaming and can render at 60 Hz. Microsoft also confirmed the console would have six teraflops of computing capability

Not only did Microosft deliver today for the current generation of gaming with its HDR 4k system but it delivered for the proper time for next year. Scorpio will be out holiday 17 which is genius. This gives the gamers reason and room to go ahead and buy the Xbox S and enjoy 4k movies right now and yet gives them time to prepare for next gen True 4K Gaming with 60hz frame rate. Based on all that is reported by Sony this won’t be done by their machine as it is designed for 30fps. Overall you have to admit that Microsoft came out swinging and is on the offensive. They have the money and the backing they need to truly dominate Next gen and help push current gen further. This is why I got rid of my xbox one knowing this generation was going to be topped soon by them and I’m glad I did. Way to go Microosft and Phil. Can playstation counter? We will have to wait and see but if I know them they will lie about something to make up for the fact that Microsoft basically counter all the rumored specs about Neo. They will have to either delay it’s launch and add more specs and or risk being embarrassed come Holiday.