Look a lot has changed in the last few days. It’s really easy to jump and make quick decision without looking at the full understanding of things. The Xbox one S is smaller and has HDR and 4k inside to boot. But other than that everything remains the same. Xbox still has to deal with the fact that they still will never win this generation. They still need more power and more exclusives for most fans. To their credit they at least beat Sony to the punch and pushing out a 4k ready movie console and beat them to the punch for specs on their next system this far. Microsoft did what they had to do.

For Sony I believe they surprised me the most. Not because of God of war open world type game or for the fact that all of the major titles that are due this year didn’t even make the e3 showcase, but because they remained silent. They focused on the current console and it’s owners( this pleased me). This was something most people didn’t think was going to happen. Most assumed that they would at least talk about the next console. But they didn’t. They also didn’t show live demos of the VR which was extremely shocking and not very promising for those who think it’s going to be good(I’m not one of them).


The biggest thing though that stands over all this is that I just realized I don’t care anymore. I have a killer set up with my current ps4, an ultra wide 2k monitor, and a highend PC build that is almost complete. Why would I need to add to this? At first I was sure I was going to get the Xbox one s and the Scorpio and even the Neo but now after thinking this through I’m not. My ultra wide monitor gives better graphics that 4k and can be used for all things from pc to consoles. It isn’t HDR supported so I’m not going out to buy another TV and yet another console just so I have a little bit prettier graphics than last gen. If Microsoft changes this later,  I can review it but I feel no need to waste money when I’m kicking things like this and when I finish with my PC I will have a pretty compete dream land without having to go buy yet another console, Monitor or TV.

I’m not hating on things guys but it’s about games and the same games will be played and accessible on my ps4 that I’m into right now without another system. So I choose to stay right where I’m at instead of wasting money buying more tvs or monitors just so I can buy another system. If it wasn’t for MLB I would be with Xbox but because Sony has MLB they are the only format that I have access to all sports not to mention my Spotify. So I’m not going to fool myself, I’m not going anywhere. A PC and my Ps4 will be my played setup. You may be different and that’s fine go for it and spend your money on every system if it makes you happy. I’m not going to judge. I’m just getting too old to keep laying down money on every console that’s hyped. It’s time to be more selective and smart about my hard earned money.