Some people expected the Playstation Neo at e3. Maybe not seeing it but at least talking about it. When this didn’t happen and Microsoft did announce their plans playstation fans went on defense as knowledge of the Neo specs have been available for a while and now that all know the Scorpio will be more powerful, most looked at Sony’s decision as fear. The last thing they want is to come out and say their console is going to be weaker. Others claim they had no such attention to announce anything. Playstation recently said that they would not build a slim version as they are happy with the current ps4. So this leads me to wonder if playstation really is going to take thier time to create another system. Maybe they wised up after the investors started getting rid of stock because of Neo. Bottom line nobody knows for sure but it does seem that they aren’t ready for another system yet and for me that’s a good thing. Hopefully they won’t come out for a while and will give their fans more time with the ps4 instead of jumping to the next. Hopefully also these two companies won’t get into a “my spec war” where neither of them ever come out because they are trying to counter the others recent modification to their special sheet.