I am so proud of Microsoft and Phil Spencer fighting. It makes the gaming world competitive and fun. And while they delivered on some good hardware I feel the main two problems are always going to hunt them, Perception and Games. No matter how well they did this time people only remember DRM and inferior specs. Even now ps4 fanboys have convinced themselves that Sony, their hero, is dropping all the specs and are going to exceed Microsoft’s specs because they can’t handle, even for a moment, considering Microosft might have a better machine. This thought pattern plagues Microosft across the world. 6 teraflops isn’t going to make that go away any time soon. What they have to do is add games on top of this. Adding exclusive games to Microsoft Studios that are breath taking and unique. Yes the new system is backward compatible but what good is that if you have very little impressive exclusives for the last generation in the last two years that worth pulling over? They have to massively kill out this generation the right way with games that lead to momentum in order to make the transition exciting. If not Scorpio will seem like a bust before it even takes off. And as far as the Xbox one s goes 4k, won’t help because buy consoles for gaming not to play movies so without games as the main reason to buy the new xbox one s then you already loose yet again. But you add games you have a chance.