So what would my choice be if I was not attached to Mlb sports. This would be it. Microosft listens to me and responds to its fans. They tackle things head long and will not hesitate to take ownership and be up front with its fans. Their controller is still the best in the business in my opinion.  The level is balance mixed with accuracy and battery life is not found any other place. Most importantly they have amazing color, blacks, and vibrancy in their games that stand them apart for all others. My only gripes about them is that they shot their ammo dry too early in the first two years forcing things to be really bare this year and next. But aside from that they would be my choice regardless of console sold numbers or native resolution hype crap. This is why I mentioned that they need to go out with a bang for this generation. Not create without hype of games to lay the foundation road that leads to the next generation.