The common theme that both playstation and the Microosft camp keep repeating is that the new consoles they are working on will not be a place for exclusive 4k games designed strictly for the them. All games released will play and act exactly like they do for the 1k systems. So what’s the point? I get why they are saying this. They don’t won’t too much back draft from the current gamers about them creating a new system this fast. But my view on this is different. Machines 4-6 teraflops should allow developers to create bigger world’s and smarter AI’s, not just prettier graphics and better frame rates. Games like Witcher 3 couldn’t dream of being on a Nintendo 64 of ps2. The room they would have needed would have been limited by the sure abilities of the consoles power and format used to deliver the game back then. Such is the case with all generations. This should be no different. At first I was just as mad about another system as others but now that I know it won’t be ready until the end of next year this makes a lot more sense. But to think that all I will have is the exact same games I had with limited teraflops and compute power as I will have with 4x the amount is a little disappointing. I understand if the xbox S should be like this because it’s no different from the other xbox one’s except for the fact that it plays 4k movies. But the Scorpio and Neo are another generation. It should not be limited to only last generation games. Yes, it should compatible to the old games by all means but it should still have its own games that you need the Scorpio or Neo to play. Basically if you’re aren’t going to hold the developers back from power why hold them back in design. They can do more for the 4k systems in games than 1k games, so let them.