As you can see at the bottom in black, they want you to know that the thought about your games being better looking thanks to HDR is slime to none. In fact HDR won’t work unless you have both the TV that has this option, the new xbox one s, and a game that is programmed for it. So you can kiss all the third party games bye for this feature. The most you can hope for is a HDR game from Microsoft first party games and even that isn’t promised. So HDR seems to be a very disappointed feature now that one takes a step back. Luckily my Samsung 4k monitor already up-converts so I have my higher detail graphics right now without a new system. But I can see some people getting very confused about that mainly because I was. So if you have a good set up and good games invested in one place, you should stick to it. Gamers have more than a year before they can use 4k in gaming to our knowledge. I can’t see playstation coming out with anything faster especially if they don’t want to be weaker.