As mentioned in the previous article both Microosft and Sony’s strategy to stop exclusives for 4k models will hurt both of their consoles sales but Microsoft the most. If you stop and think about what caused xbox one to ultimately be the loser in this generation you will see it comes down to games and performances. Microsoft is handling the performance issues but shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to games. If you aren’t getting better games that fully take advantage of all that hardware you are wasting time creating it. This system is a new generation system and they need to treat it like it. Backward compatibility does need to be on that system but to prevent exclusive 4k games is stupid. Basically all you are doing is continuing the same tread, just with different hardware. Microsoft’s games don’t have the same wow factor as Sony’s. More people are in love with the exclusives for Sony. Things like Detriot, No Man sky, Days Gone, Grand turismo, and God of War are just a few and they kill anything Microsoft has planned for the Xbox one. The strategy that all games work on all systems hurts both manufacturers but Sony benefits from it better because they have the games and making them prettier is only a bonus that some will like and other won’t need. Sony are the ones in the lead so it doesn’t matter. Microsoft on the other hand needs to make this work , if they fail I fear for their existing thumb print in the industry.