Set aside the fact that the consoles are 4k. Set aside that both consoles are better than the first concepts of their previous designs. What’s the real issue and elephant in the room is the games. Both console makers are standing on this idea that the previous buyers will not be left behind so all games must be made for all versions without differences except for resolutions and frame rates. The biggest fact is that neither will support or allow  exclusive content or IP’s for the 4k versions of the consoles. Their idea is that all gamers will play together and without feeling left behind. For me this is a stupid objective because the moment the old generation sees a difference between their games and a 4k version of their games they will feel left out. Both Sony and Microsoft knows this and are playing on this fact knowing that their actions will indeed produce an environment where the current owners will want yet another consoles because they don’t want to feel like they are getting less of what is available. The fact is, the ps3 is still out there now and being produced for still. Doesn’t this mean they haven’t left those people behind too? And yet this doesn’t mean that those players are on equal footing with ps4 fans. The ps4 had the prettier graphics vs the same third party game for the ps3. Yet Sony still wants people to buy the ps4 instead of staying with the ps3. This generation will be no different for both companies. And when I say no different I mean no different. Microsoft will still loose this fight because of one major fact and word….Games. Sony has games tied up and I don’t feel Microsoft has a answer to Sony’s momentum in the games. So without content the hardware is useless. This is why all the teraflops in the world won’t matter. For me it’s either Sony ps4 or Neo. Microsoft just doesn’t have enough for me. Maybe I will get the system just to sell it for a profit but that’s about it.