A while ago I mentioned that thanks to Spotify I was not going good anywhere from Ps4. Microsoft just didn’t have the ability to bring my most used app next to Netflix. They also never had the ability to play music in the background. Well thanks to Microsoft listening, coming in. August background music along with Cortona is on its way to the Xbox one. And right on time for the Xbox one s launch of course. Now you might say that’s fine and all but Microsoft still doesn’t have spodify. Well there is a answer that will give you the ability to put any media music stream on the Xbox system. 

That’s right folks, now not only do you have the ability for spodify music but ANY music found on your phone can be streamed to the Xbox one. So when they add the ability to play in the background this will be even more deadly. This is awesome news for me! Finally I can get what I wanted on the system I wanted it on in the first place if you recall. Those of you that have been reading my entries know that I really thought and believed that Microosft would have been the better choice and place for Spodify. When they went to the ps4 it really shocked me and hurt my feelings because I knew I needed that ability and wanted to remain with Microsoft not Sony. In fact the reason I ultimately got rid of my xbox one was because they were producing a newer one. Now, it’s a matter of deciding if I want 4k gaming 1 1/2 years from now or just getting a xbox one with the ability for HDR and 4k movies now that the other things have seem to be turned around.