Well, well,  well! Looks like it’s time for the hate to begin. Sony fan boys are very upset of late. Not only is there Neo confirmed to be weaker than the Scorpio but the Xbox One S that is coming out next month will have tech inside that push to up-convert, not some, but all games to 4k resolution. Now up-converting isn’t anything new. But just because it’s not new doesn’t stop this feature from being a well applaud feature. It basically ensures that the games you are playing today will look better when you add both a TV that is 4k and a console that can support that up convert. This will make your game look better. Even though it’s not something that happens on the same level as a native resolution it’s still better than what is shown on a regular system and TV. So why be mad Sony fan boys? Well, they are mad because they know that they would have been the ones that celebrated this fact if Sony had said this first. They wouldn’t have tried to pick through this to try and belittle it. They would’ve shouted to the roof tops about how they couldn’t wait to play on this system. Not to mention how superior the graphics will be. But just like always Microsoft’s statements and action are judged on a different platform. They’re evil which makes everything they do evil because they have all the money.  

Personally don’t know why people are shocked at this mountain of info and push Microsoft is mounting for this next stage of their consoles. You had to know that they had the money and weren’t going to just sit there without a fight. And don’t forget others see this push too. In fact most people in America would rather get behind them and have faith in them than Sony. This was proved with the sure number of people that streamed the E3 of Microsoft when they first introduced the Xbox one and again recently at this last e3 introducing the Xbox one S and Project Scorpio. Sony didn’t get as many people steaming theirs. Lastly, let’s not forget that people love underdogs and Microsoft has turned into one this generation. Plus who doesn’t love Phil Spencer, a guy after our own gamers heart. This is exactly what I knew would happen, Microsoft just doesn’t make the same mistakes twice. They have put a lot of pressure on Sony this time. The fan boys feel it and Sony knows it. This is why there is so much hate still about every little thing Microsoft says or does. They know deep down that they can’t match them in money and research . So if you want a Xbox one better pre-order this or the Scorpio. This is not going to be the same results on these consoles as it was for the original Xbox one. Something special will be coming, so be ready.