I have a ps4 with a 2tb hard drive. The games for Playstation have been the most diversified in all of gaming. I had the Xbox one and loved it’s sports games, past exclusives and media until I heard that they were going to produce another console that would take its place. Then I heard the same about the ps4 but only had one system so I kept that. So now we have the Neo for Playstation and the Xbox one S and Scorpio for Microsoft. A grand total of 3 more systems coming out and waiting for your pocket change. As gamers we have a tendency to want all of it or at least the latest. But our reasoning is different. Some of those reasonings need serious consideration before laying that money down. For starters what are you expecting? What do you think the console that you are planning to buy will do for you or for the industry? Secondly, what do you have in place that will utilize this new console? The third and most tricky question is to ask yourself are you happy. If not,why not and make sure you understand what it is about the new console that will help that?

I can’t answer these questions for you but I can help set the table for you to do so. I’ll start off by laying foundations of truth. Truth can help shave off a lot of confusion when attempting to move to another console. If you aren’t honest with yourself or assuming things wrong you will do nothing more than repeat a dangerous cycle and spending that will hurt you further down the road. 

  1. Fact one : For Xbox players and console seekers…Microsoft will never win this cycle of console sales because the world doesn’t want them. Too many territories hate Microsoft’s consoles to make up a difference of 20 million+. At best they may be able to be #1 in America only.  So if you buying the console because you think this console is going to put Microsoft back on top globally you are dead wrong. This is not a new generation thanks to the way both Sony and Microsoft are handling things(no exclusives for the new consoles). So that console lead that Sony has will roll over and remain after Neo, Xbox S and Scorpio launch. Can it help shrink that lead yes, but they will never recover from it. So stop the hoping. You need to buy a console for YOU. Not because someone else likes it. Nor because the rest of the world likes it. If you like something different then this is the reason you should consider it.
  2. Fact two: For Sony players and console seekers…Vr is a being pushed a lot now. With the Neo console Sony has said that it was needed to help VR work the way it should. If this was the case why were they showing all those games running on the regular ps4 long before the Neo was Spec’d out? Is this one the reasons why you are buying another console? For Vr? If so you need to take a long hard look at the so called Games for Vr. Every last one of them are tech demos games and or Limited responds games where you don’t control the whole character or item, only limited actions of that person or thing. Above all, what you see on your TV in graphics is far above what you see in Vr. Nobody wants to tell people this but VR graphics aren’t what you’re used to now. It’s possibly graphics you would have saw last Gen or prior. It’s grainy and pixelated and jaggy. So be warned, a new system cost for Vr is not worth it. Not to mention Vr’s price itself. 
  3. Fact three: For both Sony and Microsoft console seekers. You better know what you buying and most importantly what you are getting. Do your homework. Not all TV’S for 4k will produce the same. Some will have HDR, some not. Some will have HDR Dolby which isn’t capatible with the Xbox or Sony 4k system. Then you have to make sure you have the proper Internet speed package to support 4k gaming or Netflix movie watching with additional subscription fees. Also, 4k gaming is not something mastered yet. Even PC players still don’t have the proper power to run games in the same matter they ran their 1080p games. Frame rates are very horrible and the graphically benefits aren’t that great of a jump. So if this is the case for PC setups why on earth do you think it will be better on consoles? It won’t. In fact most people that have PC’S that are powerful enough to run 4k aren’t because of all the latency and frame rate issues. So what was the point in buying it? And if you are a streamer you can forget about streaming your game in 4k. You will have to push your graphics back down to 1080p if not 720p to get the right speed. So how does this help you? In most people’s cases it doesn’t. 

So hopefully the above facts will help you educate yourself to the point that you can make a educated choice on your next move. Remember it’s about the games not the consoles. Most importantly never let the consoles makers tell you what you want, you should be the one telling them. So if you aren’t ready don’t move. If you’re  happy don’t move. If you aren’t, more time than not, you aren’t going to be all of sudden happier because you have a 4k on the box. It’s the same games, both have promised, so if you didn’t like the games this year it won’t change with another console.