This game looks pretty sick. It’s the first superhero game that looks worthy enough for New Gen consoles. The web slinging looks absolutely brilliant. Spiderman has never looked better. The biggest surprise though is that it’s exclusive to the ps4. And while I have zero problems with this and can’t wait to play it, it does bring some questions up. A while ago the Tomb raider game became exclusive to the Xbox one for a year. Playstation people were so mad that they threaten the lives of the developers and their children. Like the babies and pathetic people fan boys are, they are all hypocrites. Not one of these fan boys cried unfair about this game. And just like tomb raider, spiderman was a not known for exclusive gaming on consoles. So if one was not right how can the other be right? And bigger than this, the game isn’t timed exclusive like tomb raider was. Yoshida also didn’t have to make a press response to all fans on all platforms to calm xbox one owners down like Phil had to do to Playstation fan boys. It’s really pathetic to see such hypocrisy and yet nobody calls them out on it. What’s shocking the most is that I don’t remember Yoshida coming out to the defense of the Tomb raider developers against these people against such attacks( I could be wrong though).