VR is a word that has garnered a great amount of attention. The most impressive thing isn’t the headset, nor the consoles or computers needed to run them. The most impressive thing is how basic the games being produced for it are. They have no depth and are merely glorified tech demos . Yet nobody talks about this. It’s like the media pushes this info to the back of all the hype and talks to the point that most people don’t even notice. Sony is definitely doing their part because they have a lot invested in this. Sony chose to use this plateform as a way to get back profits lost on their Playstation move camera and ball sticks. Which is yet another reason why they have so much focus on it. Even at e3 the head set was not shown off on stage. In fact there has never been a conference where the actual headset is used on stage on live games. No, they leave that to the those present at the show to see. This cuts down on the exposure of what is reality vs hype because most that use the equipment are more involved in knowing what VR is rather than the validity of the games made for it. And even if someone brings this up its overshadowed by the hype still. You yourself won’t find out until you try it yourself and Sony is hoping this won’t be until you get it home. With all this push you can’t be surprised that Sony was not ready to show off Neo. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if this system doesn’t make it out at all this year especially with the info now known about the Scorpio. Sony was caught by surprise and beat to the punch by Microsoft because Microsoft was planing and creating this system long before Sony thought to do the same. Sony was too focused on VR and their current success to be ready to present another console e3. And even when they do you can bet their will be some issues because it would have to be rushed. Their focus has been on the here and now while Microsoft has planned for the future because they had no other choice. Microsoft is more well informed and better funded for this next cycle of consoles and it shows. Sony believes that VR will take the focus off the new system but it won’t because they lied and told everyone that the current system would be enough for VR but now we know it’s not. So now Sony is caught in a situation where VR can’t be used as a filler because you told everyone that the new Neo was needed to give the proper power VR needs to run effectively. Basically you have almost tied their fates in together and one can’t be successful without the other, maybe worse..maybe it can’t launch period without the other.