With every day that passes it’s becoming very clear that Microsoft’s goal was not just to get another system out that was slim. Secretly, what Microsoft was doing was putting out the best console on the current market today. The Xbox one S when released next month will be the best console on the market thanks to a number of advancements. Both price and power it beats out even the ps4 currently on the shelves and Microsoft knowingly and strategically planned it this way very subtly. For starters it has a 4k player for movies. At first this seemed to be the only real difference. Then they took care of the size complaints by putting the power brick inside. They then changed the color pallete to white to help with the visual aid of acceptence. But by far the best thing they secretly did but didn’t speak about was that the Xbox one S will contain up convert capabilites for All games to boost them to 4k resolution. This was huge but this is for 4k right? What if you don’t have a 4k TV? Well they added 2.0 hdmi’s ports to add even richer colors to the system graphics than ever before as well. Now we have a completely different beast. This effectively creates the best graphics on the market when you add up all these things up. And all this was accomplished before the Scorpio. So now instead of the talks about the ps4 games having a slight graphic advantage we will have a clear graphic advantage on all third party games in favor of the Xbox one S. And games like Halo and Quantum break will look even more devastating than they already do. And get this, all for a starting price of $299-$399 compared to the already rumored Neo that only up converts to 4k whenever it comes out at $499. Already Microsoft has won unless Sony changes things up fast. Pure genius, Microsoft, pure genius!!