It seems that Microsoft has finally landed in positive light thus far. Everything from the amount of people that tuned in for their press event at e3 to all the articles and happy thoughts about the new Xbox one S and later Scorpio. For Sony it seems that all the news that they normal garner isn’t there right now. Most expect this to be this way because they are silent on details on the Neo. Fan boys however never stopped trying to push rumors about the system online hoping to spark talks. I personally don’t think we will see anything from them until their next press event in Japan possibly. Another thing I don’t think will happen is the launch of the Neo this year. If they do I would seriously have concerns on the stability of a rushed system. Will I buy it? If I give my son my current ps4( if I can fix it that is), then maybe. If not, then no because Microsoft’s consoles will most likely be sufficient and all that depends on the difference seen on native 4k vs up-scaled 4k.