Think about guys! For a while the common thought or bash was that Microsoft hurt the sales of the Xbox one S with the announcement of Scorpio. Well I submit that it could be the other way around. The Xbox one S is the first console that will make it out on the market that runs 4k content. It plays the movies, up-converts the games to 4k, has a slick small look without brick for the first time. It has up to a 2tb hard drive. It returns to the white color that the Xbox 360 made popular for Microsoft. Finally, it has hdmi 2.0 with HDR support, all this for $299-$399. So when you think about this first package and it’s impact being the first console to have all this then you start to see a bigger picture. You can see why people would jump to this console. When Scorpio releases it won’t have the same wow effect for “first seen” features. A year from now people will have already been use to 4K movies. So that won’t wow people. Next up you won’t wow them with a integrated power supply. Then you won’t surprise them with the white color anymore either. Then among it all, the biggest thing is the price. People won’t be saving money on this console like the Xbox one S. It will be more expensive and all it will deliver on is a Native resolution for 4k so far that we know. If up-converted 4k isn’t that much of drop off from Native 4k gaming it will be super hard telling people to rebuy. 

Basically Microsoft will have to convince the world to buy yet another system for the third time this generation.

This is a hard sale and task if you aren’t really giving new things to people, especailly if its the thrid time you asking people to do so. As far as it being a Vr system I will imagine that Vr will be dead by then so they might have to scratch that off the list of reasons to buy it. So in reality if there is any console sale spoiled by the release of another it will be the Scorpio not the Slim. Personally I think both will carve out their own path successfully within the U.S and maybe sell decent in Europe but that’s really it. I don’t expect either system to ever catch up the sale difference between the Ps4 style systems.