Hands down the greatest selling and performing console on the market is the Ps4( “right now”). The company is killing in sales of both software and hardware.  It has dominated everything in the gaming world up to this date. It’s design was a masterpiece and the genius Mr. Cerny put in hard work in his years of properly designing a system that would do this. But now we have another system on the way in. The Neo! It was at first the most powerful concept for a console we have ever seen but that changed with Microsoft’s introduction of its systems. Now, more than before, the Neo needs to come out right in order for it to be a success. First off it can’t be that much more expensive than anything on the market at the time of its release. It is already said to be more expensive but how much more expensive, hasn’t been confirmed. Some have said $599 but this would be a huge mistake. The first launch is paramount for the beginnings of this system. Microsoft has learned and paid a great price for loosing fans at the very beginning. Sony doesn’t want to learn this lesson, trust me. Number two they need to redesign their biggest flaw, the controllers. Their battery life is absolutely unacceptable. The next system should take advantage of this new start and ship with a better design. Next up is the added on horse power to be equal with the Scorpio. Ps4 has stuck it to Microsoft all this generation glorifying the fact that they have the most horse power, or that they are the most powerful console on the market. Well they better not eat those words with the Neo vs the Scorpio nor the Xbox one S. The next thing they need to make happen is that they need full resolution of 4k, not just up-converting. If the Neo comes out only up-converting for games they better match the Xbox one S prices. If not they won’t sell. Lastly, timing. Sony can not afford to give the Xbox one S too much time on the market to the point that up-converting games to 4k and 4k movies have become something just expected instead of a luxury for a console. It they wait too long they risk also bleeding into the time line of the Scorpio release. Basically I think they need at least 6 months on the market without Scorpio and they need to be more powerful than xbox one s in graphics if this is to work. Only time will tell if Sony is smart about this. But at least the gamers win at the end of the day because of all the options.