Well I finally got my Bulb. If you remember before I had a plan bulb in the lamp which I didn’t like using because of the different colors. I want them to match the color picked for the desk. But I keep putting this transition off because the prices of these bulbs confused me and still does even today. When you go into best buy you see all kinds of smart products. They indeed have LED lights but they want 70 bucks or more for one bulb. Then they would make as though you needed all kinds of kits and add on just to make it work right. 

Well enter Amazon and you will find what you want for a little over 20 bucks. No additional equipment needed like pushed in Best Buy and a lot of manufacturers. I mean seriously these bulbs do nothing more than what mine does.

Just reviewing what you see above and you’ll see for yourself that this bulb will do all the things the $70-$200 bulbs and kits they sell that just to do the same thing. Mine changes colors and yet there are others that don’t that are 3x more expensive. Mine dances to music, syncs over the wifi to my phone, and has different mood modes and timers. Basically it’s really crazy to buy a kit and bulb to do something that one bulb will do and be ready out the pack with a simple download of the app and bam, you are ready to change colors and or let it rip with you music.So if you are ready for the next stage of technology and been holding off because of how much it costs, now is the chance to get what you want for far less.