I have always gravitated toward the Xbox for one reason or another. This generation is no different. Although I kept my ps4 because xbox was going to come out with another system, I have very much missed it. The controller and interface is by far the better of the two consoles packages. Once I get the Xbox one S I know for sure the ps4 will most likely be pushed to my son while I wait on Neo or Scorpio(that is still up for debate). In fact I think the Xbox one S is such a good package that I’m unsure if I will add a 2nd system period or even upgrade to the Scorpio anymore. I love the fact that the price isn’t too expensive and is the same price as the previous version of the Xbox one was. Yet it still is better in every way. You are getting so much for $399.99. You get a 2tb hard drive with 4k drive and 4k up-covert technology with the needed 2.0 hdmi to handle a better picture quality and finally the HDR capability. It’s everything you could need at this time for the best price. As far as specs go and sure bang for your buck, the Xbox one S will be the best console on the market until it’s brother comes out as “the most powerful console ever made”.